Welcome To BerthoudLocal.org

Who We Are

Berthoud Local was formed by a grassroots group of local Berthoud citizens who are passionate about farming, gardening, the environment, humane and healthy farm animal treatment, supporting pollinators, producing and providing access to as much food locally as possible and improving the resilience and economy of our local town.

The plains where Berthoud is located was once referred to as, “the great American Desert.” We therefore strive to educate the local community about drought tolerant gardening, farming and food production while also utilizing practices that minimize the use of water, herbicides, pesticides, petroleum and chemically produced fertilizers.

We aim to improve the health of the citizens, the economy and the environment in our town. We also strive to help Berthoud live up to its moniker, “The Garden Spot of Colorado.”   In 1906 the Berthoud Chamber of Commerce gave Berthoud this moniker because the agricultural soil was so fertile around the town. We will work to help the local fertile soil produce not just commodity crops, but also fruit and vegetables for local consumption.

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