Berthoud Local will serve as an umbrella organization that will foster local food-focused projects within the town of Berthoud and the adjacent areas of the unincorporated counties of Larimer, Boulder and Weld. As of April 2014, we have filed paperwork to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. We have a board of directors to manage the business side of the organization and provide support for our sponsored projects.


This non-profit will support the local food movement by working to improve access to local food, educate about sustainable agricultural practices, encourage local food production, and provide opportunities for community involvement.

We have many opportunities for volunteers to get involved and welcome your ideas, expertise, interest and/or energy! Please contact us for more information using the contact tab above. Also, check out our projects tab to see what we are currently doing. You may find a project you would like to be involved with or suggest your own new idea to our board of directors for adoption as a formal project. We are here to assist you in making your ideas become a reality.